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Every aspect of your wedding reflects your personality, your spirituality, your culture and the uniqueness of who you are as a couple.  Every decision you make is a brush stroke in the work of art that will be your wedding day. No decision is more important than who you choose as your wedding officiant.  I would be deeply honored to be your Celebrant.

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Wedding Ceremony Creation

Colleen Good Celebrant

Colleen Good, Wedding Officiant

My first priority is to have a clear view of your vision for your wedding ceremony.  The ceremony can be as creative, fun, traditional, edgy, conservative, religious, secular, culturally diverse, spiritual, or outrageous as you are.  There are no rules, laws or regulations that determine what your ceremony should be.  The traditional wedding ceremony  is a product of cultural and religious traditions.  With my help, your ceremony will be a very personal statement.  It is woven together with songs, poems, readings, vows and rituals that accurately reflect your culture as a couple. Your ceremony will be deeply imbued with symbolism and meaning for you.

The Ceremony Creation Process

The process of Heart Crafting a Ceremony has several steps. We will start with a no-obligation meeting to discuss your vision. This ‘heart to heart’ conversation, although best done in person, but we can to it by phone.  We discuss your ideas, answer your questions and take the temperature of our creative synergy.  If we feel the match is right, then we formalize our intentions in a contract.

Next you fill out a written questionnaire that will help me understand your story and your values. It helps me understand your cultural or familial influences and your vision for your wedding.  This is an essential step that does require some time and effort on your part.  This is my window into your heart and soul.  All the details of the ceremony will come directly from the information that you provide either verbally or in this questionnaire.

At the heart of every wedding ceremony is the love story.  From the questionnaire I will write your story and craft your ceremony to reflect who you are as a couple.  The script for your wedding will be fully written out in detail and you will approve every word.  You review and edit your ceremony script to your heart’s content. We will work together to make revisions until it is perfect.

Your Wedding Day

The day of the Ceremony, I will officiate the event by the script that we have crafted together.

Custom Wedding Ceremony

Celebrant Wedding Ceremony

As your wedding officiant, I manage the rehearsal, if you have one.  I work closely with your other vendors; the photographer, the musicians, the venue & wedding professionals to insure that your ceremony is a smooth running event.

Let me worry about all the details of the ceremony so that you can breathe and relax into your wedding ceremony. This allows you to fully experience what is truly one of the most profound, sacred and moving rituals with the power to transform two individuals into a family.

Fee for Service

I will provide a final quote after I have heard the details of your wedding; the size, location and plans.  This is generally in the neighborhood of $400 to $550.  I expect to spend between 10 and 20 hours on a fully customized ceremony.  Anyone who has seen a Celebrant wedding knows the value of this attention to detail, the creativity and the personalization of the wedding service. I look forward to working with you. Contact me to arrange for the first step, our no-obligation meeting.

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