The Power of Ceremony

Symbols to Rituals

As Humans we are hardwired to interpret our life experiences through symbols.  The essence of human intelligence and awareness is our ability to use symbols.  Language itself is the idea of a sound representing an object or an event or an emotion.  The human mind understands its experience through the use of symbols.

Human beings use rituals containing symbolic content to help us in a myriad of ways to organize our lives, relate to our families and community and to cope with our feelings both large and small.

The coffee ritual starts our day and bedtime rituals sooth us back down into relaxation and sleep.  We have rituals for greeting and leaving others we meet throughout our day.  We have rituals and symbols that denote our place, our status and our role in society.

Rituals to Ceremony

And we have Ceremony to help us incorporate and cope with the larger issues of life.  Holiday rituals and ceremonies mark the seasons and important events in the calendar.  Weddings publicly confirm our life partnerships and celebrate our love.  Baby Blessings and Namings or Adoption Ceremonies welcome new members into our families.  Funerals help us contain our grief and honor our loved ones.  Birthdays celebrate the individual.  The importance of these ceremonies cannot be overestimated.  It is though Ceremony that we are able to codify, incorporate and fully realize the impact of changes in our lives.

Where do we find ritual and ceremony in the modern world?

In modern society we have lost touch with the importance of ritual and ceremony.  In times past religions provided structure and content for rituals that ruled aspects of a person’s life from everyday happenings like clothing choices, food preparation and meals, and prayer times to major life events like births, coming of age, marriage, and death.  Sadly religions no longer play this important role in many people’s lives and ceremony has been one of the greatest losses.  Even if a person still actively participates in a religious tradition, often they find that religious ceremonies no longer speak to them in meaningful ways; that there are no appropriate ceremonies for the major impacts of change in their lives.

We need Ceremony!  As human beings we need to gather together and symbolically express important transitions in our spirits.  Each of us have our own sacred symbols born of our family and cultural traditions and life experiences.

Where do we find rituals that have meaning for us and ceremonies that speak to our hearts?  Well, Celebrants, of course!

Life-Cycle Celebrants® are bringing new life to modern ceremonies.  As Ceremony specialists we create new, personal and meaningful rituals that express the unique essence of each person and situation.

We envision new ceremonies that deal with the issues and crisis unique to our modern age.

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