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Let me tell you a little more about myself.

This is my third career. I started my nursing career in 1978.  I received certification in Reproductive Endocrinology in 1986 and specialized in Infertility Practice .  In 1992 I moved on to study Architecture and graduated in 1998. Both Bachelor degrees were obtained from the University of Cincinnati.

I graduated from the Celebrant Foundation & Institute with a certification in Families and Children in 2011.  I received certification for Funerals in 2012 and Weddings in 2013.  Their mission of creating personalized secular ceremonies for all life’s occasions strikes a true chord in my very being.

Becoming a Celebrant is perhaps the most exciting thing that I have ever done in all my years.   In this practice I have picked up all the diverse, multicolored  threads of my studies, my skills & talents and all my spiritual seeking and woven them into pattern that wholly reflects the essence of my being.

I started in nursing and was a nurse for 22 years.  Nursing is a profound and deeply moving profession.  I shared so many momentous and intimate moments with my patients and their families.  Looking back I see so many lost opportunities to help people express their support and simply witness the loss and pain that a loved one was experiencing.  Often I would see families and friends at a loss to fully express their support and love.  No words can really express the tremendous impact that a change in health can cause on everyone involved.  Ceremony  creates a space that allows for the most difficult struggles to be honored and where the joy of life and recovery can be expressed through symbol and ritual.

In my long tenure as a nurse I work in many fields of medicine, from medical/surgical units, ICU, Cardiac and Respiratory intensive care, care of children at home on ventilators, to finally Reproductive Endocrinology or as it is commonly known, infertility treatment.

Infertility struggles are a perfect example of how modern society often lacks adequate ceremonies to deal with important issues.  A couple who experiences miscarriage or even still birth is often denied the opportunity to grief their loss.  They are often encouraged to just move on.  There is no funeral, no mourning, no symbol of their sorrow.

The couple who must face the reality of living their lives childless is in desperate need of a way to share this momentous  realization with their friends and family.  How wonderful it would be to have a ceremony where they could lay their dreams to rest, share their loss and move into their new lives with the support of their community.  And what of the couple who finally becomes pregnant after infertility treatment?  Only ceremony can contain that much joy and anticipation and trepidation!

In my own ‘midlife crisis’ (another lost opportunity for ceremony) I returned to school to study Architecture.  Yes, I know that is an unusual transition, but I found that large parts of my creative soul lacked expression in nursing.  I graduated in 1998 and have found many pleasures and great challenges in my new profession.

Interestingly enough, it turns out that the history of Architecture is the history of ritual space.  From the dawn of time human beings have expended vast amounts of time, energy and resources creating space for ceremony and ritual, from tombs and churches to public space for gathering, celebration, dancing and ceremonies of all kinds.  Indeed, we are ritual animals!

Colleen Good ~ Life-Cycle Celebrant

Colleen Good ~ Life-Cycle Celebrant

Now I am answering another calling or finally answering something that has been calling me all along.  When I found the Celebrant Foundation and Institute it was a clear path forward.  Their mission of creating personalized secular ceremonies for all life’s occasions strikes a true chord in my very being.  I am currently certified as a Celebrant for Families and Children, Funerals and Weddings.

I am excited about the prospect of helping you create that perfect ceremony to celebrate your life’s joys, struggles and victories!

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