Military Homecoming

A Hero’s Welcome

Your soldier stepped out of your life into another world.  A lot has happened since then, with you and with them.  Now you must bring your worlds together.  The magnitude of this task cannot be overstated.  While they were gone life went on here without missing a step.  How many birthdays came and went in their absence?  How many new beings were born into their family?  How many deaths and other traumas (large and small), loves found and love lost?  What joys, sorrows and revelations whirled through your life in the meantime?  It’s not that easy to step back in.

Ceremony can create that still, sacred space and form a bridge between these two divergent worlds.

Each situation brings it’s own unique challenges, but one thing is sure: change.  You are not the same person who left home so long ago.  You have seen things, felt things and done things that have realigned the very cells of your being.  What was once so familiar to you now seems alien; a leisurely meal, a well-loved child crying in the night, the everyday banter of family.  You have dreamed of this, of being home, safe and sound, but now you feel out of step.  How can you bring your new self home?  How can you share what no one who has not experienced it can ever understand?  Yesterday you had sand in your teeth and  and today mowing the grass is the biggest priority.   Somehow you must both leave it behind and find a way to bring it all into this world, your real life with your loved ones.  Ceremony can help.

A Military Homecoming Ceremony is more than an ecstatic welcome home.  This ceremony can bring the joys and sorrows and struggles of the life at home together with the realities of a changed love one.  It can be a format to recognize and accept the changes in both worlds, make a commitment to the future and share, incorporate and release the past.

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