Milestone Ceremonies

Heart Crafted Ceremonies

Heart Crafted Ceremonies

Milestone Ceremonies for Every Occasion

Milestone ceremonies mark the transitions in our lives.  Every year is marked by of seasonal changes and Holidays.  Personally, our lives are marked with birthdays and educational milestones.  Milestone ceremonies are a way to mark and celebrate these events. Solstice and Equinox ceremonies have been celebrated since ancient times and connect us with the rhythms of the Earth.  Changes in our lives are transitions from one phase of life to another. A Milestone Ceremony has the power to help us release the past and move into the new phase with the support of others and thoughtful deliberateness.

I am skilled at creating a personalized and meaningful milestone ceremonies for all of life’s transitions. Weddings, births, adoptions, graduations, house warmings, business openings or closings, coming of age, croning or eldering, divorce, empty nest, retirement and funerals are all life milestones that can benefit from ceremony.

Religion has traditionally taken care of our innate need for ceremony.  In our Modern Times, religions play less of a role, but that does not decrease our need for ceremony.  Let’s craft a ceremony together to commemorate an important transition in your life or that of your loved one.

Heart Crafted Milestone Ceremonies for Every Occasion

Creating a ceremony is a process that we engage in together.  It is the collaboration of our hearts that generates the transformative power of a Ceremony. That transformation starts before you even contact me.  It starts with the need, or calling if you will, that brings you to this website.  This process is perhaps the most important part of the ceremony.

This is where you set your intention, everything that follows is born here.

The process of Heart Crafting a Milestone Ceremony has several steps.

  1. We start with a ‘heart to heart’ conversation, although best done in person, it can be done by phone.  This is a no-obligation consultation. We discuss your ideas, answer your questions and take the temperature of our creative synergy.  If we feel the match is right, we come to an agreement and formalize our intentions in a contract.
  2. Next you fill out a written questionnaire that will help me understand your story, your values, your personal symbols, and your cultural or familial influences.  This is an essential step that does require some time and effort on your part.  This is my window into your heart and soul.  All the details of the ceremony will come directly from the information that you provide either verbally or in this questionnaire.
  3. With the information that you have provided I craft your ceremony and write a complete and detailed script.
  4. You review and edit your ceremony script to your heart’s content.  I make the revisions that you request and send the final draft for your wholehearted approval.
  5. The Day of the Ceremony, I will officiate the event by the script that we have crafted together.

Fee for Service

There are a  wide range of customized life-cycle ceremonies possible, pricing varies based on the complexity of the ceremony. Estimates are provided after hearing what kind of ceremony you envision.

Wedding Ceremony

I will provide a final quote after I have heard the details of your wedding; the size, location and plans.  This is generally in the neighborhood of $400 to $550.  I expect to spend between 10 and 20 hours on a fully customized ceremony.  Anyone who has seen a Celebrant wedding knows the value of this attention to detail, the creativity and the personalization of the wedding service. I look forward to working with you. Contact me to arrange for the first step, our no-obligation meeting.

I also perform simple ceremonies in my Clermont County, Ohio home for $150 cash.  All you need is a valid marriage certificate with you for the ceremony.  After one wedding ceremony in my home, the bride said “That was like a real wedding!”  Indeed, it was a ‘real’ wedding.  Just because you choose to elope or plan a simple exchange of vows does not make the ceremony any less meaningful or powerful.  I strive to make every ceremony sing a song from the heart.

Baby Naming & Welcoming Ceremonies

This typical Baby Naming & Welcoming Ceremony costs approximately $300.

I serve the Greater Cincinnati area including southern Indiana and Ohio and northern Kentucky.  Please feel free to contact me to discuss your ideas for a ceremony.

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