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Interfaith WeddingLove has no boundaries, religious or cultural. Love is a faith of its own. Love is the foundation of all religions. A wedding ceremony binds two people together into a common purpose, into a shared life. There are always differences between these two individuals, no matter how similar or diverse their backgrounds may be.          I am a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant®. A Celebrant is the ideal choice as an officiant for your wedding if you are an interfaith couple or if your faith as a couple differs from that of your parents or relatives. As a Celebrant, I have  no affiliation with any church, faith or religion. I am unequivocally committed to creating a ceremony especially for your unique situation.

Indian jewerlyThere can be serious challenges in creating harmony and acceptance as you enter into an interfaith marriage and design your wedding ceremony. The last thing you need is to have to accommodate the opinions or beliefs of the officiant. My only goal is to understand what you want for your ceremony and provide an eloquent and meaningful ceremony that accurately reflects who you are as a couple.

I find that one of the best methods for finding your way through the complex network of issues is to focus on values rather than beliefs. You will find amazing common ground if you look for it. All religions and cultures have wonderful wedding traditions and rituals. These rituals may be used in your ceremony to provide welcome and familiar elements for both of your families. During the service I will provide explanations for the rituals so family and friends can understand and participate in unfamiliar traditions. Even more importantly, I can help you reinterpret the meanings of rituals to create meaning and symbolism that speaks to your heart.

Bride & elderI recently created and performed an interfaith wedding where the bride’s family was Hindu and the groom’s family was Christian. The couple actually wanted a ceremony that did not mention God at all. After the ceremony, I was gratified when several elders and aunts from both sides came up to me excited to have recognized rituals from their own traditions. Those rituals had been reinvented to reflect the values of the couple, but the context provided comfort and familiarity for both cultures.

Another wedding ceremony was for a deeply spiritual couple whose parents were Christian and Jewish. They were interested in a ceremony that was spiritual and spoke about God but not in the context of Jesus and salvation. This was a beautiful and profound service that incorporated rituals from both religions. It was built on the foundations and universal principles of both faiths.

Henna handsOther couples may want to follow their traditions closely, even at times incorporating a priest, rabbi or practitioner from each religion. I can provide the synthesis of these two into a harmonious whole and find the universal meaning in both traditions.

Interfaith ceremonies are often the most culturally rich and meaningful. They involve looking deeply and inquiring into the meaning and symbolism of each ritual. This exploration can often uncover and expand a profound insight into familiar traditions. If you want to include a Chuppa, Breaking of the Glass, Unity Candle, Sand Unity, Hand Fasting, Blessing of the Rings, or any other multitude of cultural wedding traditions, feel assured that they will be delivered in a way that brings everyone together.


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