Celebration of Age

The rest of your life can be the best of your life.  Wisdom has grown on you and you can wear it like a cloak.  The patterns of life are clear to you now.    The storms of youth swirl around you but you are like the eye of the storm, fully knowing but calm.

You can accept it now, the aging.  You fully understand the meaning of the phrase “You are not your body.”  The vessel may be wearing thin, but your spirit is strong.

Eldering is about growing older in a way that allows us to have the rest of our lives be the best of our lives—filled with love, health, happiness, creative self-expression and being valued to the end.

Eldering Ceremony

An Eldering Ceremony is a time to reflect on the past, celebrate the joys, sorrows, the failures and the triumphs.  It is going through the process of making a commitment to the future and exploring what your contribution will be.  It is finding within yourself an offering to life, as simple as a listening ear or a smile of encouragement.

During an Eldering Ceremony you recognize that your role in your family and community is changing as you age and the roles of those around you will also change.  It is a chance to reaffirm what you have to offer and thank those around you for the support they provide you.

The time for an Eldering Ceremony can be associated with a Milestone Birthday, or another life event like transitioning from independent living, a health crisis  or the ending of your working life.

This can be an exciting time of sharing your story and the your experience of history with the younger generation who may have never heard the complete story.  An Eldering Ceremony honors the journey of your life.  It can be an offering of your life lessons to your loved ones in a ritual space made sacred by ceremony.

Dear Colleen,
What a wonderful event Ben’s Eldering ceremony was! What a comforting way to enter the latter years of life, with a celebration of the contributions Ben has made to our lives as well as a way to bestow our assurances that we will care for him with our own gifts as a community and family. I am very excited about this new profession! I can see you making such a difference in people’s lives with this special caring gift of yours!

Sincerely, Dr. Boylan

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