Divorce Ceremony

When Forever Ends

Divorce is a journey through fire.  From the highest peak of love, joy and commitment your marriage hit rock bottom and then started breaking new ground.  After the heart wrenching devastation that laid  waste to your marriage, your family, your finances, your dreams and tore the fabric of your very being, now you are ready to find a way into the future.  There is a Ceremony for you.  You have been though one of the most difficult passages that life offers and you are on the threshold of new beginning.  Ceremony can lead you through that threshold and into the light of your new life.

The tone of this ceremony depends on where you are in the process.  Maybe you are in the mist of the divorce and need a support ceremony where you gather with your friends and family, express your new reality, sit with your pain and receive the love and support of your loved ones.

Maybe a this is a ceremony for the couple to honor the past, offer and receive forgiveness, make commitments to be respectful to each other and good parents (if children are involved) and to release each other with gentleness.

Or maybe it’s time for an out and out Celebration of freedom from pain and guilt and darkness and a joyful step into the light of a wonderful new beginning.  The time for this Ceremony may be days, months or even years after your divorce.  But this powerful, transformative experience should never pass without a proper Ceremony!

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