Entering the Age of Wisdom

A Croning Ritual is a celebration of womanhood.  It is an ancient rite of passage.  Traditionally a woman passes through three archetypal phases in her life, the maiden, the mother and the crone.  The crone is the glorious culmination of a life’s work, it is the age of wisdom.  The lessons of maidenhood, motherhood or the middle years are contained in the crone.  She has come to her own!

Often a Croning Ritual is done at the onset of menopause or in combination with a woman’s fiftieth birthday, but it can also be associated with other life events like the emptying of the nest as the last child leaves the home, becoming a grandmother or the ending of a career.   Only the woman herself can feel the ending of one phase and the beginning of the next.  Only the woman herself knows when she is at the threshold of the Age of Wisdom.

Your Croning Ceremony will be based on the your life journey and lessons.  We will focus on your plans for the future and how you feel about this phase of your life.  There is no one way to celebrate this transition.  We are not limited by any traditions or preconceptions about what this means to you.  This is your ceremony, your way!  It is a unique expression of the culmination of your wisdom!

As Tzipora Klein says, “You possess more than just the answers. You have learned the questions.”

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