Your Wedding-Eloquent, Profound, Meaningful. Custom Designed for you.

Every decision you make is a brush stroke in the work of art that will be your Wedding Day.


Every aspect of your wed­ding reflects your per­son­al­ity, your spir­i­tu­al­ity, your cul­ture and the unique­ness of who you are as a cou­ple. Every deci­sion you make is a brush stroke in the work of art that will be your wed­ding day. No deci­sion is more impor­tant than who you choose to offi­ci­ate your cer­e­mony.


Funeral Plan­ning Ser­vices for Cre­at­ing Per­son­al­ized Funer­als and Memo­r­ial Ser­vices

Baby Naming or Welcoming Ceremony

Are you looking for an alternative to Baptism or Christening? Design a Welcoming Ceremony for your newest family member to celebrate the uniqueness of your family.

Milestone Life Events

Every life event benefits from a creatively and thoughtfully crafted ceremony that is inspired by your personal story, your values and beliefs. Think about the Milestone Birthdays, the Retirement Parties, the Graduations and the Anniversary Parties that you have been to lately. Think about how these events could have been improved by the telling of a person's life story or work history or love story. I can help you make these events memorable and meaningful.
I craft cus­tom cer­e­monies inspired by your life story, your val­ues and beliefs. As a Cer­ti­fied Life-Cycle Cel­e­brant® I am a rit­ual artist serv­ing the Greater Cincin­nati, Ohio and North­ern Ken­tucky, South­east­ern Indi­ana Tri-State area. Every cer­e­mony is thought­fully designed, heart crafted espe­cially for you and your loved ones.
I con­tribute to the process my expe­ri­ence and train­ing and knowl­edge but not my beliefs, nor my val­ues, nor my reli­gious incli­na­tions. I will cre­ate a cer­e­mony for you and your loved ones that will be a reflec­tion of what they hold dear. A Cel­e­brant Cer­e­mony addresses the needs of the couple, fam­ily and friends. My opin­ions are com­pletely imma­te­r­ial to your cer­e­mony. The ser­vice will be as reli­gious, spir­i­tual or sec­u­lar as you wish.