Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant

Colleen Good, Officiating a Custom Wedding

Custom, Personalized Wedding Ceremony

Every aspect of your wedding reflects your personality, your spirituality, your culture and the uniqueness of who you are as a couple.  Every decision you make is a brush stroke in the work of art that will be your wedding day. No decision is more important than who you choose to officiate your ceremony.  I would be deeply honored to be your Celebrant.

I create custom ceremonies designed specifically for you based on your philosophy of love, life and marriage.  Your ceremony can be as creative, fun, traditional, edgy, conservative, religious, secular, culturally diverse, spiritual, or outrageous as you are.

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I am delighted to welcome you to my Life-Cycle Celebrant practice.  I have always loved ceremony and ritual and enjoy bringing the sacred into everyday life.  I also create ceremonies for all occasions from weddings and funerals to baby namings and retirement.

I am excited about the prospect of helping you create that perfect ceremony to celebrate your life’s joys, struggles and victories!

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Experience the power of Ceremony to transform pain, heal emotional & spiritual wounds, honor and celebrate your life’s passages, relationships, struggles and victories!

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