Fertility is so public, but infertility is so private, so intimate.

Issues concerning our fertility seem to be intimately linked to the essence of our human natures, our sense of womanhood or manhood.   This is perhaps why it is so difficult to discuss it with others, to share our pain, our anxiety, our hopes, dreams and disappointments.

Our culture offers so many rituals and ceremonies to celebrate and  commemorate pregnancy, birth, and parenthood, but when it comes to the milestones of infertility….nothing.

A couple who experiences miscarriage or even still birth is often denied the opportunity to grief their loss.  They are often encouraged to just move on.  There is no funeral, no mourning, no symbol of their sorrow. (to read more)

The couple who must face the reality of living their lives childless is in desperate need of a way to share this momentous  realization with their friends and family.  How wonderful it would be to have a ceremony where they could lay their dreams to rest, share their loss and move into their new lives with the support of their loved ones.  And what of the couple who finally becomes pregnant after infertility treatment?  Only ceremony can contain that much joy and anticipation and trepidation!

I have worked in the field of Reproductive Endocrinology for many years.  I know and understand the issues surrounding infertility both professionally and personally as I, myself, am infertile.  I am intimately aware of the cycle of hope and sorrow.

I would be honored to develop rituals and ceremonies for all the many milestones and cycles of this process.  A private ritual for you and your partner could help make those timed intimacies special and sacred.  We could break new ground together and write a ceremony that involves your friends and family in your pursuit for fertility or your decision to live childless.

Let’s talk about it.


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