Baby Naming & Welcoming Ceremony

Celebrate Your Baby, Your Family, Your Way

Your family is a wonderful combination of cultures with a variety of religious and traditional influences.  Design a Baby Naming Ceremony for your newest family member to celebrate the exquisite uniqueness of your family.  Let your own spirituality guide you in naming, blessing and welcoming your infant into the circle of life, love and family.

The addition of a new being to a family transforms everyone’s role in the family.  Lovers become parents, parents become grandparents, siblings become aunts and uncles, children become sisters and brothers.  A Baby Welcoming ceremony is an opportunity for everyone to ritually step into their new roles and make a commitment to this new family member.

We can work together to heart-craft the perfect ceremony with a creative combination of rituals from past traditions, your beliefs and modern influences.

Baby Welcoming CelebrantExplore the Baby Welcoming for Andrew.



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