A Ceremony for Every Occasion

A Ceremony for Every Occasion

A Ceremony for Every Occasion

Heart Crafted Ceremonies for Every Occasion from Womb to Tomb and Everything in Between.

Experience the power of Ceremony to transform pain, heal emotional & spiritual wounds, honor and celebrate your life’s passages.

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Every Life Event benefits from a Ceremony

Each Ceremony is as unique as you are.  Your ceremony will incorporate your story, your culture and traditions and your personal symbols.  Below is a list of possible occasions that would benefit from thoughtful and carefully crafted ceremonies.

  • Adoption ceremonies
  • Baby Welcoming and Naming Ceremonies
  • Mother Blessings, a spiritual replacement of a “Baby Shower”
  • Ceremonies for healing and transitioning through a Divorce
  • Job loss or career change
  • Home blessings or cleansing, a ceremony to accompany a “House Warming”
  • Ceremonies for leaving a home and community and moving on
  • Ceremonies to Blend Families together
  • Healing Ceremonies to deal with or  accept Infertility
  • Pet adoptions & Pet Funerals
  • Coming of Age ceremonies
  • Quarter life crisis or Midlife crisis ceremonies
  • Ceremonies for Retirement or moving to a retirement community
  • Military Homecomings or Send-offs
  • Celebrations of a Lasting Marriage Union
  • Eldering, a celebration of Age
  • Croning, a celebration of the Age of Wisdom
  • Milestone Birthdays
  • Important Milestones or Transitions in one’s life
  • Ceremonies to celebrate Business openings or Closings
  • Graduations
  • Family reunions
  • Family Blending Ceremonies to join his/hers and ours into one family

The list is as long as there are individuals with events in their lives that need celebrating! As a celebrant I can help you find the perfect way to express the meaning and significance of your life, your  struggles and your victories.

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